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Former Member
May 10, 2010 at 05:20 AM

Strange Error :: RFC --> PI


Dear All,

I have the following scenario:

RFC < -> PI 7.1 ( SOAP) < --> Vendor web site

The problem as the following:

I want to send table from RFC to PI.

Assume table as the following structure:

field1 char16

field2 char20

field3 char 100



field n char30

I defined the table in the table tab for the RFC.

Now. once I call the RFC with table data. PI received data with a wrong sequence ???

field1 takes the data for field two.

field two takes the data for field3 .

field 3 takes the data for field 4 and field 5 !!!!!

and so on!!!

what is the problem ???

Is it a bug with PI 7.1 and I need to fix it or what?

And how can I send table to PI ?

Thanks for all and Regards,