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May 09, 2010 at 03:51 PM

Batch specific unit of measure


Hi Experts,

We are using batch specific unit of measure "bales" as issunace unit, as there is no standard conversion of "KGs" & "Bales". In other way, i can say that, there is no other way to keep track of two unit of measures when no standard conversion lie between them.

In textile sector, there is a term called called invisible loss. weight of bales (cotton) when received is usually different when issued for prodution (due to moisture/trash gain or loss depending on weather).

Problem is that, how to record such loss. For example, if i received bales having weight 150 kg / bales but at the time of issuance to production this reduced to 145 kg/ bale. If i decrease KGs in a bale, it will distrub alternative unit of measure (i.e. bales) coz it will show bales in decimal (like .98 bale), which is against normal understanding, as bales cannot be in fraction.

Please guide me how can i record such loss, without disturbing issuance unit i.e. bales.

Best Regards