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May 09, 2010 at 03:56 PM

Restrict universe export to particular folder?


Edge 3.1 on Linux

Is it possible to deny export rights to a specific folder?

Here is the requirement. The users are all 'power-users', able to create reports but they also need to create universes. There is a \Prod folder for production universes and a \Dev folder for developing universes. Only the Administrator group should be able to export to the \Prod folder.

The Power Users need to use universes from the \Prod folder to create reports; they should be able to import from the \Prod folder to look at production universes, but only be able to export to the \Dev folder.

I've tried 'Add objects to folders that the user owns' and even denying 'Add objects to the folder', but they still can export to \Prod.

Is it possible to achieve this requirement? If so, any ideas?