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May 09, 2010 at 12:58 AM

Confirming transfer order for nested handling units (picking and shipping)



My shipping location is HU + WM, I understand we cannot "auto confirm" Transfer Orders during creation from an outbound delivery (LT03) in the case of nested HUs because the system wants to know which exact box HUs ( The TO only specifies the pallet unit)

I have an automatic Pick HU created during TO confirmation but the system still prompts for me to enter box HUs that need to be shipped/repacked on LT12. This makes logical sense but is slowing down our shipping process. Since we do not put HU labels on our boxes, the picker has to go into HUMO, enter the pallet HU, retrieve the box HUs and finally enter some of those on the TO confirmation screen to match the open quantity. In reality we don't really care what HUs he picks as long as he picks from the right pallet.

Is there any way to automate this? If the system can pick box HUs sequentially, randomly or create further pick HUs. Anything but doesnt ask the picker to put in the box HU numbers


Is there a way to auto confirm TOs during creation


Is there any way to putaway box level HUs into the warehouse at the end of the production line so that Storage Unit is the box HU number and not the pallet HU number, that way it wouldn't prompt me for box HUs during picking.

I would really appreciate your help.