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May 08, 2010 at 03:08 PM

COMPUTE_FLOAT_ZERODIVIDE when display sales delivery


Hi All,

Before describing the issue will give you complete overview about the below requirement

Material X ( base UoM - PC) after certain duration becomes unusable & needs to be sold as scrap in alt

UoM MT (metric ton).

So we decided to create a dummy material let us say Y and then follow below steps:

1) Transfer the stock from 'X' to 'Y' through 309

2) Then create sales order .

3) Create the delivery and do the PGI

4) Then do the billing.

Then we had one more limitation that material 'X' weight (MT) will vary. So we decided

to activate batch management for dummy material 'Y' and go for batch specific UoM.

In standard when we add batch specifi UoM in BMA1 transaction , in the reference Unit column

we were not able to put PC , since PC is a dimensionless unit.

So we created a new dimensionless UoM, MTP (Metric ton per piece) and added this in BMA1 and

put reference unit as MT.

After this I added the configuration 'Define Calculation of Product Quantity from Base Quantity' in BMA3.

We were able to capture batch specific qty for the dummy material whenever transfer posting is done.


But now the issue is that when we create sales order then delivery & PGI in single step, we are not facing any issue in

displaying the delivery document in VL03N.

While when we create delivery first & save and then do PGI and try to display the delivery document it is going

for dump



For those deliveries with problem in LIPS table numerator field is updating with zero.

What could be reason for this issue? Please throw your valuable inputs.