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May 08, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Tax Condition Type


In my procedure I incorporate one Tax condition type, and in my client industry Tax is calculated on quantity basis, like Rs. 5 /MMBTU, its a gas industry.

So condition type is having Cond. class(TAX) and Calculat.type(Quantity) relationship, but what happen if there is two record present in the system one is back dated and one is for today date, system always call the record of current date, if i assign the pricing date one day before system only call the tax of todays date, even previous record is present in the system.

Is it the system standard or what ? ?

If it is a system standard, so what happen if i will create the invoice correction request. where Govt. send us the letter for intimation that specific tax is increase or decrease by such rate, in that case previous invoice will suppose to be update through invoice correction request, but through pricing date tax rate will not be call on that particular date.

Looking for the suggestionfrom gurus.

Kindly try it from your end if possible.