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May 07, 2010 at 05:36 PM

Sales order charge to several different GL account instead of to customer


Hi Guru,

We have a process that need to create a sales order and charge to three different GL account instead of charging to a customer.

The following details the situation:

In regular sales order:

Debit customer $1000

Credit Sales $1000

In this business process, we need to

Debit (to GL accounts instead of customer but split as follows)

GL 1234 $500

GL 4567 $300

GL 7890 $200


GL 6688 $500

GL 8989 $300

GL 5231 $200

We set up the system to use the cash sales process so that instead of debiting to a customer account, it is debiting to a GL account. However, SAP sums up the debit to $1000 and is posted to the first GL account.

Is there a way that we can split the debit??