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May 07, 2010 at 05:23 PM

iCommand Authentication Error


Hi there,

this should be an obvious thing, which is why it's getting so frustrating. I'm using MII 12.1 SP 5 and want to test the iCommand Display Template with Authentication for a normal SQL insert statement.

In the iCommand Display Template, I've selected the following:

- Audit Checkbox

- "SAP_XMII_Administrator" for the Command Audit Role 1

- Command Audit Role 1 Logon Required Checkbox

- I've entered some text for: "Category", "Command Text" and "Return Message"

The rest of the configurations have been left blank.

When I try to run the javascript:


I get the java pop up window for the role authentication (username and password entry). I capture the details of a user which belongs to the SAP_XMII_Administrator role (and all the other SAP_XMII roles too). I then get the error message:

"Authentication Check 1: Authentication failed; the query will not run.

SAP_XMII_Administrator Role is required to authenticate"

Has anyone come across this problem?