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May 07, 2010 at 03:35 PM

BODI-1170037 The optimized sql cannot be generated for data flow ...



Today something strange happened to one of my dataflow.

I introduced some change, basically there was 2 table in outer join with another one. I changed the 2 tables left joined and I remapped the fields.

Validation gives some warning about data type conversion, as it used to be before my changes, but anything else seems ok.

I tried to run it and I saw a unique constraing error.

I opened again my DF and I try to have a look the the SQL generated and here it is the message

BODI-1170037; The optimized SQL cannot be generated for data flow <my dataflow>. There are no SQL sources in this data flow.

The df has been saved before the run. I tried also to restore a backup of the dataflow done before the changes... same error.

Done a new dataflow, cut & paste from the old one of the whole content... same error.

Any suggestions ?

DI version is, repository is on Oracle 10

Thanks in advance