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May 07, 2010 at 02:36 PM

Adding milliseconds to long date format (tzntstmpl)


I have a date field called START_DATE defined as type TZNTSTMPL (long date/time format - YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.mmmuuun) and another field call MILLISECONDS also defined as type TZNTSTMPL.

I want to subtract 625 milliseconds from START_DATE, so I put .625 in the MILLISECONDS field and subtract MILLISECONDS from START_DATE.

The starting value in START_DATE is "20090701095000.5410000". After I subtract MILLISECONDS from START_DATE the result is "20090701094999.9160000".

The result should have been "20090701094959.9160000. The problem is with SS (Seconds) 99 is invalid.

How can I get it to subtract correctly?

Are there any ADD or SUBTRACT functions that work with the long date/time format?