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provision of company address

Hi all,

I need some more details on how the company address in processed in IDM. Hope you experts can help :)

So far, I added the create/modify/delete tasks as hook tasks to the corresponding repositories. Within the create/modify abap user tasks the company field is also active (with the script to determine the MSKEYVALUE of the company). Is there anything else to do?
As far as I understand, the provisioning framework takes care of the company address if there's a MXREF_MX_COMPANY_ADDRESS value given for a userID within the provisioning task (split on entry type). However, I still get some error when I try to add a company created in IDM UI to a user or change an existing reference.

Should the creation of a company itself trigger the provision to ABAP backend or is the creation triggered only in relation to an identity change? E.g. when I create a new company in IDM UI and add an identity, the system just creates a new entry (COMPANY: TEST AG) but nothing else happens...

I guess I've lost sight of something...

Regards, Richard

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2 Answers

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    Dec 01, 2016 at 05:52 PM

    Hello Richard,

    where do you get that error? During assigning the company in the IdM UI or during provisioning? I assume latter.

    If you create a new company in IdM which hasn't been loaded from the ABAP systems, you have to set up the provisioning for the company addresses. The hook tasks 12 and 13 are for company creation and updating towards the ABAP systems. They exist in the ABAP connector plugins of the SAP Provisioning Framework. Link these tasks into the hook tasks of each repository.

    Next step is triggering the provisioning. I simply assign the ONLY privilege of our CUA in one of the sub-tasks of the UI creation task. As usually I don't use SAP provided tasks but copy them and modify them (added a toUpperCase in the provisioning).

    Then the hook task 12 triggers and tries to create the company in your SAP systems. If you haven't entered something wrong like postal code length stuff, the provisioning is successful and the system priv is set, too. When you set the trigger attributes to not only user attributes but the ones from the companies, too. The companies get updated every time you change something, e.g. house number.

    I just noticed that I still have a 7.1 version sub-task flying around there, which triggers the provisioning with "the old style". That explains why the IdM tries to create the company twice in SAP. Gotta rework that soon, but it works nevertheless... :)

    Best regards


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    • Hello Richards,

      could you please check (and maybe screenshot) the abap connector for the company addresses you want to use? As Dominik explained, these are normaly copied into the custom folder structure. Sounds like somethere there could be amiss, when the address is created in IDM, but then not provisioned to the backend system. Maybe no dispatchers assigned? Maybe disabled?




  • Jul 27, 2017 at 07:52 AM

    could solve this issue in the meantime :)

    Thanks for your input/hints

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