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May 07, 2010 at 11:18 AM

cl_gui_picture->load_picture_from_url display issue


Hi ,

I have a strange issue that happens with cl_gui_picture->load_picture_from_url with an picture that is stored in KPRO. Maybe someone can help. I have written a program that gets the url of a picture that is stored inside SAP and displays it inside a control. When i logon to SAP on my Desktop and click on the button to load the picture inside a control it works 100%. When i logon with my username on someone else's desktop and click the button to display the picture in the control it does not Display.

This happens vica versa, if the other user logon to SAP via my desktop and display's it works 100%. Also this seems like random Desktops as some have no issues and others have the issue.

When i debug and copy the url and just paste it inside Explorer via the other users desktop the explorer does show the Picture, so nothing wrong with the URL.

Everything about the desktops are the same, same Windows platform same internet explorer same Gui Patches etc.

Any ideas?