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May 07, 2010 at 08:55 AM

Delivery Issue


Hello gurus...

This is neo.i got some prob in delivery . The prob is i did the own enterprise structure and after that i did the sales documnet types and then customer master data and then material master data and then i did the material posting and then pricing procedure and then condition records.. next i started doing the standard order and its get saved and then i gone for the delivery with VL01N and i entered the picking quantity and i saved it and after that i want to do the stock transform with LT03 then system saying the "No item that are to be picked were found" and if i left that step and if i want to go do the PGI then system sed that "good error log " in detaild "material xxxx does not exist in warehouse 100". now i vl tell u some thing that when i started doing the material with MM01 and i chose the fields basic data 1 and 2 and sales org data 1 and 2 and general plant data, 1 and 2 and Warehouse mgt 1 and accounting.then i can enter the Whouse no 100 and i did the materi and its get saved like MAT1 and after this if i want to post the material then it will not been posted in particular plant and stogr loc with 561 movment type.. if i dont take the warehouse number during the creation of MM01 then the material will posted ...and one more issue here if i dont take Whouse no during MM01 then it will allow me do the manual entry at VL01N and its not allow me for PGI and if i take the Whousenumber during the MM01 then it will not allow me do the VL01N... plz any one give me the solution for this big prob ... ... and i structured up here since 4 days onwards...plz give me replay ...soon