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May 07, 2010 at 07:59 AM

EA-EPPL patch


Hello all,i have patched these components successfully:SAP_BASIS->SAP_ABA->PI_BASIS->SAP_BW->SAP_APPL->EA-IPPE,but then ,when i patch EA-APPL,it display an error "error stop",can't go on anymore.

error log content:

*Import phase 'TEST_IMPORT'*

*error during executing the tp command ' tp TST ALL QAS....'*

*tp return code:'0008', tp message:'a tool used by tp produced errors',tp output:*

*this is tp version 372.03.35(release 700,unicode enabled)*

*waring:parameter DBLIBPATH is no longer used.*

*standard output from tp and from tools called by tp:*

*this is R3trans version 6.14(release 700-15.06.07-15:50:00).*

*unicode enabled version*

*R3trans finished (0004).*

*this is R3trans version 6.14(release 700-15.06.07-15:50:00)*

*unicode enabled version*

*2EETW165 Function "REIT_GUI_TC_BASE_POPUP(REIT_GUI_TC_BASE_POPUP|01)"does not fit into the existing function group "(REIT_GUI_TC_BASE|02)".*

*R3trans finished (0008)*

from the log,shall i need to upgrade the R3Trans?

thank you for your answer in advance.