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May 07, 2010 at 07:51 AM

Grouping of GLs for reporting purpose



We are in the process of implementing (ECC 6.0). One requirement is that in the nature of "sub GLs" which are in practice in the current system. For example there is one GL - Telephone Expenses. It has three sub GLs - (1) Tel. Expense - P&T, (2) Tel. Expense - Mobile (3) Tel. Expense - Internet. Totals are available both for individual sub GLs as well as telephone expenses as a whole. This is quite common in Indian companies who are not using SAP.

Since sub GL is not possible in SAP we have opened 3 GLs as above. However, the requirement is that total telephone expense should be visible without any additional activity like adding up the totals.

One option is that in FBL3N we select the relevant GLs and sort on total column. Constraint is that there can be certain expense items which have a lot of connected GLs and the user may not be in a position to select all GLs or it may be difficult.

Here I got a suggestion from a colleague - we can use "Alternate Account No." in the "Control Data" tab of GL Master. I create a GL and use that as Alternate Account No. for, say, these Telephone Exp GLs. This being an Alternate Account it is not affecting my accounts in any way. And when I am viewing GL balances through S_PL0_86000030 - G/L Account Balances (New) - I can view the total of these Expense GLs just by viewing the Alternate Account.

Now my question is that - though I am getting the required result - is this proper practice? Secondly - is this going to affect my books in any way - or any other way that I am missing?

Please guide

Thanks in advance