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May 07, 2010 at 06:48 AM

few queries about foreign revaluation for vendor/customer open items


I am trying the transaction F.05 for the first time for vendor & customer open items in foreign currency. I have a few queries:-

1. The ouput contains 2 exchange rates. One is picked from the transaction header. My query is from where is the other rate being picked up. In my current system, I could make out that exch rate in transaction header is being picked automatically from table OB08....however I am unable to deduce the source of the 2nd exch rate.

2. What is the significance of "balance sheet preparation valuation". Earlier in test runs, only "new difference" was getting populated. However the user wanted to see "old diff" also. So while doing some trial run in test client, I checked the "bal sheet prep valu" and posted.....after this run, I am getting values in "old diffe" and "new diff" also. And the posted amount is the difference of the two. What is the significance and ideal way?

3. Should the entry be reversed if I am revaluating at year end? Why I am asking is because in some threads I read that revaluation at year is not to be reversed....