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Former Member
May 07, 2010 at 06:26 AM

Debugging of mappings


Dear experts,

I am very new to XI.Just recently i came across mapping diagrams ranging from simple to complex nature.

I got the idea that major idea of mapping is to transform the source xml structure to a target xml structure.

Definitely functions of mapping needs to be exploited and how the target source has to be converted using

commands such as removeContext() needs to be planned beforehand.Only one can think so if he knows xml


The basic question which i want to ask through this query is that say example there is an idoc to file scenario

ie from retail dev server ,certain type of idoc is triggered to XI dev server.This XI server converts idoc to file

and put on ftp.

In this scenario how can i debug/test what source structured was picked by mapping and ultimately what happened

to the same structure in target as soon as source structure underwent transformation.

Plz explain.