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May 06, 2010 at 07:26 PM

VL10G not taking into account Delivery Priority in stock transport orders


Hellu gurus,

We are using SAP IS Retail, however our issue is more suitable for SD experts. Our issue is that the Delivery Priority is not being considered when running VL10G

We maintain delivery priority for our stores in the site master (i.e. in SAP retail our sites our basically customers). The field that holds the delivery priority in table KNVV is LPRIO.

Our process is as follows:

(1) Target stock is maintained for our store/article combinations

(2) Replenishment is run in the background using transaction WRP1 (program RWRPLPRO). The system will generate stock transport orders based on comparing target stock with on hand + in transit units. Each stock transport line will have the delivery priority populated in the "SHIPPING" tab under field "Del. Prior.". For example, if our Vancouver location store is set as priority "4", then all STO lines created for our Vancouver location will have the value "4" set.

(3) After the Stock Transport Orders have been created in the background, we execute VL10G in the background to generate deliveries. The key point to note is that we do not always have enough units in our DC to meet all the stores replenishment priorities and it is critical to our business that the delivery units are generated for the higher priority stores first.

Currently, the delivery priority is not being considered and the units are being allocated in store sequence order which does not denote priority.

Can any gurus shed some more light on how the delivery priority works with VL10G and if it is standard SAP to meet our requirement? If it is not, then has anyone utilized a user exit etc. to facilitate this requirement?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise