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May 06, 2010 at 07:08 PM

using Xpath in Receiver Determination for greater than 500



I am trying to use Xpath in the receiver Determination step and I want to check a field which is at item level and comes multiple times(0-unbounded) greater than 500.I tried with different options per SDN blogs,Xpath functions,but still I couldn't able to get what i am trying.I want to process the message when "quantity" is greater than 500,else I want to ignore the message with no errors.

I gave like this /p1: /LIST/item[quantity>499] EX

item loop is 0-unbounded and I need to check for every quantity.I selected the check box multi line as well.

I played around different options,but still did not get what I am looking for.

please suggest in this regard ,how I need to give the expression.

Thank you,