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May 06, 2010 at 04:29 PM

Foul Behavior Receiving IDOCs with DataServices.


Good Day.

I'm trying to send Vendor Master Data from SAP ECC 7.0 to an external MySQL database using the CREMAS05 IDOC. To do this, I have designed a real-time job in DataServices to read the IDOC and insert the data in the database tables.

When I made my first massive load, I had 32 vendors to send, so the ECC sent 32 CREMAS05 idocs. But the Access Server of DataServices only registered 31 requests (although some of them generated errors in the DataServices RT job). To test these errors, I chose one of the vendors previously sent with errors (LIFNR = 100008) and using the BD14 transaction I sent him again.

For my surprise, I didn't receive the vendor with LIFNR = 100008, but instead I received the missing vendor that hadn't arrived in my first massive load (the 32nd request). An hour had passed between the time the first massive load ocurred and the time when I sent the vendor with LIFNR = 10008, so I don't think it has to be something with the real-time service timeout.

Can somebody explain to me why the reception of IDOC's has this bevahior? Is it a buffer that has to be cleaned? Or do I have to restart the Access Server? Any ideas are welcome.

The Real Time Service that attends this reception has the following parameters:

Processing retry count max: 2

Startup timeout: 300

Queuing timeout: 400

Processing timeout: 999

Recycle request count max: 10000

The Service Provedir has Max and Min 1 instance, and is Enabled.