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May 06, 2010 at 12:27 PM

Database connection



i have a questions about database connection in interactive Forms.

I have create an dataconnection OLEDB with ODBC to my sql server 2008 database.

Using LCD 8.1.

My first question is:

Whats the problem when i am become the error message: "Unable to create SOM expression $record.database.fieldname"?

The exprsseion was made from the LCD. Whats the Problem?

I also get the entries of the database in my dropdown-list so i don´t know where the problem is.

The Second question is:

I want to make a select at the database (Dataconnectionname is Test)

$sourceSet.Test.#command.query.commandType = "text"

$ = Concat("Select*from Test Where matnr = ", xfa.event.newText,"")


if the event starts, i get always a message: Error: Propertie 'commandType' could not be adjusted, because it would breach against the authority adjustment from the document.

Where can i change them?

Thanks for each answer