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May 06, 2010 at 10:43 AM

Shrinking / Reorganizing database size using (Max-DB)


Dear Community,

we are running an ECC 6.0 on Max-DB, which was delivered to us as all-for-one solution by SAP a few years ago.

According to TA DB50 the database size is 100 GB, 78% used. Well, this is a little confusing, because even the sum of the 1.000 biggest table sizes converge at approx. 50 GB, so there is no way all table sizes could have a size of 100 GB. All other databases in our landscapes occupy 50GB - 60GB.

We deleted the following things:

- four whole clients via TA SCC5

- job-logs,

- shortdumps,

- spool-lists,

- temse-objects.

We can also verify all those actions mentioned above worked out properly and neither job-logs, shortdumps, spool-lists, nor temse-objects occupies much space in db.

We are aware of the fact that the new space after a client deletion only gets freed after a reorganizing the database, but we don't know how to do that in max-db and all information we find is: u201CMax-DB

does not need a manual reorganization.u201D

We're wondering where those 50 GB u201Chidden spaceu201D could have been left over. As we were unable to find a manual way to reorganize the max-db database, we'd appreciate if you gave as a clue how to shrink the database from 100 GB to approx. 50 GB or 60 GB, as we believe there are at least 40 GB which are not used.



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