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May 06, 2010 at 10:34 AM

EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 / ZXRSRU01 can not take numeric values ????


Hi ABAP BW Guru's,

I got an ABAP type problem with RANGE and numeric values in EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001

in I_STEP=1 or I_STEP=2.

How to convert / fill / cast a numeric value into l_e_t_range-low ?

My characteristic is CONNID Type NUMC 4

My customer-/ user-exit variable on CONNID is named CONNID_EXIT_STEP_2.

My ABAP processing in the exit for the user-exit varibale is quite simple (testcase):

DATA: l_e_t_range TYPE rsr_s_rangesid.

l_e_t_range-low = 17.

* or:

* l_e_t_range-low = '17'. # does not work anyway

l_e_t_range-opt = 'EQ'.

l_e_t_range-sign = 'I'.

APPEND l_e_t_range TO e_t_range.

My Error message in the BEX Analyser is:

Value "17" for user-exit variable CONNID_EXIT_STEP_2 is inavlid

What's wrong with the ABAP processing in the exit (testcase) ?

The debugger clearly shows l_e_t_range-low with value 17.

Anyone can give a tip how to cast / convert / Fill correct ?



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