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Former Member
May 06, 2010 at 09:48 AM

Delete COPA plan data_KEPM delete function


Hi Experts,

We delete existing plan data in the plan Versions by using the delete function within KEPM which creates a reversal entry rather than actually removing the records completely.

We have found that this causes a problem because if a material's master data / attributes have changed since the original forecast data was posted it creates a mismatch.

For example the data created in Q2 2009 was with a PH Sub Class 1 0120999, the sub class has since been changed to 0120090 and this is the reversal has been posted with.

I checked anothere delete function KE1C, it also creates reversal document with newly derivate the characteristic value.

Is it possible to have a reversal function that just reverses exactly the same document rather than deriving the master data again from the material?

Thanks in advance.