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May 06, 2010 at 07:42 AM

File upload issues with SAP WAS, cannot read from InputStream


Hi All,

I have written fileupload.jsp which will upload the file attachment of size < 10 mb, the application is deployed in SAP WAS.

Initially we face upload issues like Please increase File Buffer Size, we increased the Read Buffer size and File Buffer in HTTP provider properties to 10mb in SAP VA admin tool.

We could resolve the attachment issues to an extent but we still face upload failures in 10 times try or randomly. The failures are not happening continously. I m getting the below exception in log:

l[ Cannot read from InputStream. The buffer is null or the offset and length are incorrect.

I believe there is no problem with coding, Could you please suggest me which HTTP Provider parameters we can fine tune to avoid the above issues?

I have deployed the same application in Tomcat but i couldn't see any issues even after number of uploads.