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May 05, 2010 at 08:37 PM

Transport request SPDD and SPAU



I just can't understand the manual..

We have upgraded our dev system, made the changes in SPDD and SPAU.

In se09 the tasks are released but not the requests, right?

In the /usr/sap/DEV/EHPI/abap/bin there is a file, umodstat.lst


SPDD 701 000002 000000 0

SPAU 701 000160 000000 0

This can't be the transport requests?? Meaning the request numbers are not in the file..?

When I'm now in progress of upgrade TST I get the question including transport request from previous upgrade, the installation program looks for the file umodstat.lst in /usr/sap/trans/bin - but the file is not there ofcourse.

Should I manually move the file from /usr/sap/DEV/EHPI/abap/bin to /usr/sap/trans/bin??

Or should i release the request in dev-system, will the file then be created in /usr/sap/trans/bin ?

I also have the opportunity to manually type request number, but when the request are not released it can't be found ofcourse.

The manual says,

"You must release the tasks of the SPDD transport request. You must not release this transport request; instead you must flag it for transport in transaction SPDD."

I just don't understand..

Please advice!