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Former Member
May 05, 2010 at 07:29 PM

versionTooOld exception



I am trying to open 3rd party reports from JSP page using CR Viewer 12 via ReportClientDocument.

Getting exception:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Reports older than version 9 are not supported.---- Error code:-2147217399 Error code name:versionTooOld

I got the same exception trying to open these reports via Swing based CR Viewer generated by CR for Eclipse.

This is really strange, because I can open the same reports

in CR Viewer (I think, v.12, but not sure) from that 3rd party application,

which is written in .NET. [there is no "About" there to check the version, but I can see CRViewer 12 installed on PC which executes it, I think, it's ActiveX control or program, lots of DLLs. That is not installed on my PC]

That is a fairly new 3rd party application, we are just trying to replace .NET front end

with the new one, written in Flex+Java.

Is there any way to run CR Viewer in "compatibility" mode ?

Please advise.