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May 05, 2010 at 06:34 PM

Using Ranking on MS SQL Server 2005



We are on BOXI3.1 base version and have a universe on top of MS SQL Server 2005.

My question is regarding use of rank functions. BO guides state that

You can perform a database ranking only if your database supports

it. If this is not the case, the Add a database ranking button is disabled on

the Query Panel toolbar. Databases that support ranking are Oracle, DB2,

Terradata and Redbrick.

So SQL Server is not in the list. However the add database ranking button is enabled on

my report panel. If i add a ranking the query runs for a long time and times-out.

Is there any universe parameter i need to enable to use ranking? Has any-one mangaged to

use ranking functionality with SQL Server 2005.

Thanks in advance.