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Former Member
May 05, 2010 at 03:51 PM

Display error for messure unite "EA"


Hi all 😊 !!!

I have a display error 😔

In my query I use ZZIRQTY(IR Quantity) as a key figure

My unit is 0BASE_UOM

In the Multi provider IR Quantity = 0.800

And when I run my query I get "1", intead .800

BTW - In ODS it is matching with R3.

Example: PO 4550612045

In R3 it is .8

In multiprovider is .800

but in BW query shows 1.

I changed the unit of measurement of dimension in T-Code CUNI

And for unit AE I put 2 decimals instead 0.

Hope you can help me!!

Thank you in advance