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Jan 17, 2019 at 06:15 AM

Sales order scheme updation


Hi all,

My requirement is to update discount condition type in sales order through abap code based on different schemes.

Suppose , we have a deal on 'A' material ,For 50 quantity -Discount update should be 3 percent,For 100 quantity-Discount update should be 5 percent and etc we have multipes schemes like this on material level.

Now,while creating sales order if single line item is entered of 'A' material or multiple line items is entered of same 'A' material and quantity adds up to 50 then 3% discount should be updated automatically or if quantity adds to 100 then 5% discount should be updated.

As per my SD consultant this cannot achieved through standard solution,i need suggestions whether i should go for routine or place my code in save userexits or any other way i am not aware of.

Please suggest.