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May 05, 2010 at 05:55 AM

Changing button texts on internal pop-up window.


Hi -

I've not marked this a a question - as it is much more a rant, but if you have a suggestion, please do feel free to reply!

Why can I not change the text of buttons on an internal pop-up window?!

There is no API that I can find to update the text of the buttons.

The table in which the texts/buttons are stored is public in the class CL_WDR_INTERNAL_WINDOW, but marked as read only - so without enhancing the class I can't update the text.

I can understand the need to have consistency of appearance on applications - so having all popup windows with the same couple of buttons makes some sense ... and I can even understand the need to have some sort of restrictions to allow a unified rendering of the windows, but..even if I was still limited to have the same number of buttons as the standard constructor allows, then perhaps a method to allow me to change the text assigned to the button?

The alternative is that I choose the construct of no buttons and insert my own buttons in the view. But this looks ugly comparatively.

Why can't I make it look nice!

enought ranting - back to work