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May 05, 2010 at 04:23 AM

Accessing changes of dependent SC after activity is activated & released.



1. I have created two tracks in NWDI (say Track A and Track B)

2. Track A contains Software component (Say SC_A).

3. Track B contains Software component (Say SC_B & SC_A which is in Track A).

4. Further I have created WebDynpro DCs (Say DC_A in SC_A & DC_B in SC_B)

5. Now, DC_B which is in SC_B (Track B) is using DC_A which is in SC_A (Track A) as a used DC

6. I am Using Transport connection between Track A and Track B

7. Consider a scenario that I want to change few things in DC_A (lets say added a method in DC_A).

8. So, created one activity and checked in,activated & released.

9. Then in CMS imported and assembled in consolidation, assembly & test.

10. After that I tried to access the latest active DC (DC_A newly added method or whatever changes checked in) from DC_B

11. But I am not able to access that.

12. After approving the change in the CMS (From Tab Approval), I can see the changes which made to DC_A from DC_B.

13. My question is If I want to access DC_A from DC_B, Is it necessary to approve all the activities of DC_A in CMS?

14. I want to access the change once activity of DC_A is activatied & released.

15. Is there any work around?

Thanks In Advance.