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May 04, 2010 at 10:06 PM

AS ABAP - Initial load Error



I have begin to create our development IDS and am trying to perform an initial pass of our AS ABAP Dev system. I installed the AS ABAP - Initial Load job template and configured everything and ran the job and am getting the following error message on the "WriterABAPUsersRolePrivilegeAssignments pass.

Error putNextEntry failed storingADS_AGENT

Exception from Modify ToIDStore.modEntry failed modifying entry 'ADS_AGENT'. IDStore returned error message: " Not allowed to modify entry type:Attribute: MX_ENTRYTYPE" when storing attribute 'MX_ENTRYTYPE=MX_PRIVILEGE'
roleAssignments {ValidFrom=2008-08-05!!ValidTo=9999-12-31}SAP_BC_FP_ICF

It looks as if it is not allowing me to store the role validaty dates in my database and this is something I would like to be able to manage in the future.

I have disabled this pass for now until I figure it out.

All other Write passes were successful.


(BTW hows the beach Matt K)