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May 04, 2010 at 10:13 PM

BusinessObjects landscape design


Hi all,

Actually I'm new to BOBJ, just I wanted to know how is the technical design or landscpe should look like for the Bobj setup, I know in SAP the best setup is to have DEV, QAS and PRD systems and each system and specially the PRD can work as DB instance and Central Instance on one Server or two, one for the DB and one for the SAP application.

Now with the Bobj, I did not find any document that can guide me to design the proper landscape for it and how it sholud be interfaced with SAP, is it direct interfacing with the BObj or it's a must to have the NW BI in place for the Bobj to be able to get the data from the SAP ERP system.

I'm very much confused as the Bobj product portfolio is very huge and I want to get any technical documentation that can explain clearly the diffrent options of having the Bobj to run in the SAP ERP running Env.

Also is there any guidance or best practices that states that for each and every Bobj Application I should have a separate server, and what are the diffrent layers setup (DB, APP, presentation) that are available in the Bobj setup.

Please help me get out of this dilemma

Thank you in advance.