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May 04, 2010 at 03:23 PM

Question about displaying handler errors in the webdynpro


Hello all, Please forgive any EM terminology mixups as I am new to this unique module!

Here is my scenario, I am in EM WebDynpro and updating the actual dates on a purchase req. The event handler accepts the date I entered and in the background makes a synchronous rfc call to ECC to update the related project with the new date. This rfc call fails because I have the project open and it is locked. This call is synchronous so I get the error right away and I set the return code to 4 and populate an error message that I want passed back to the user in WebDynpro. For some reason the EM system is ignoring this error and returning to the user a successful 'sent' message.

EM WebDynpro --> Purchase Req --> PO Approved Actual Date entered --> synchronous RFC to ECC to update Project --> project locked error returned by ECC --> error message populated in EM --> EM WebDynpro returns as if it was successful

I have put in breakpoints to ensure I was populating error messages back to EM and I see the details flowing back that are correct, but no details are returned to the actual user. If I go to the Event Handler Overview in the GUI I can find my error message recorded there. Problem is our users will be working from the Web primarily and would not see this message in a normal course of work.

Is there a config piece that I should be setting to return this error to the users in WebDynpro? This seems like a trivial/standard piece of functionality so I am confused as to why it is not showing up in the dynpro.

Thank you for any help or ideas and points awarded of course!