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May 04, 2010 at 02:01 PM

default printer for archiving purchase orders MN05, printer not picked up


Hi All,

were trying to define a printer for archiving purchase orders. So in TX NUCT we defined a new output type ZARC for EF (purchase orders). In MN04 we created a condition record on key combination "Document type". We defined doc.type NB (Standard PO) with PartF: VN (vendor) medium 1 (print output) and time 4 (send immediately). With communicatio method i fill in the printer mark both print immediately and release fter output, number of messages i put 1.

So i expected everything was fine like this. If i now go to a PO, add there ZARC as output messages first of all it does not have the printer information i defined with MN04. If i anyway fill in there the required printer and save it it still does not get printed on that required printer but the output goes to the printer defined as my users default...???

i have not clue what i am doing wrong here.

thanks in advance