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Former Member
May 04, 2010 at 09:47 AM

no data to test but how can we determine/prove authorization check passes?


Scenario as below:-

Lets say a user is trying to execute transaction ME2L and key in a site.. after executing the system is giving an error saying no suitable purchasing document found. In actual fact there is no data for the selected site but in authorization point of view how do we determine the authorization check will pass through when there is purchasing document created?

I need to prove to user that even there is no data for that particular site the authorization check will go through when there is a data created. I have tried using ST01 trace but to no avail. When there is no data it will not check the object that it is supposed to check. The object is M_BEST_WRK for restricting purchase order based on site. Anyone knows how I can prove to user that the authorization that was maintained in the role is correct and will pass through when the data is available in the system. Appreciate your expertise here. Thanks