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May 04, 2010 at 06:13 AM

2 programs for payment method P


Hi FI Masters,

i have a zprint prog ex : ZRFFOZA_H2H. i copied this prog and given a transaction(ZRFFOZA_H2H_FI tcode : ZFI_H2H ) and run to see the results where it works fine.


payment method can be linked to only one print program and in this test case payment method M is linked to ZRFFOZA_H2H, so now the problem is that the new transaction code ZFI_H2H is built on program ZRFFOZA_H2H_FI and the system refuses to run.

when i see the message it shows like this...

The list of payment methods (M) may only be processed by other payment medium programs.

now how can i bypass this check for this program only?

to be more clear to the above quetion,

i have 2 zprog for the Payment run

for the Payment method 'M' i have z prog ZRFFOZA_H2H which is configued

again i have made a copy of above prog to ZRFFOZA_H2H_FI and run the payment run for the Payemnt method 'M'.

Now it gives me a message : Payment method(s) are not allowed for this program.

since below copy prog not configed we get this message.

NOW : What can i do to bypass this check for this program only

can i have some info pls?