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May 04, 2010 at 04:13 AM

PAS Dimensional Requestor


I am using SSM 7.0 SP 4 and having some weird behaviour in the dimensional requestor. There are four problems all of which seem to be related. Basicallly it seems that the left panel in the dimensional requestor caches values for a user, and fails to refresh when there are changes made to the underlying dimension.

I created a security proc in PAS and assigned PAS logons, giving them access to members of a dimension.

Later I changed the names of some of the dimension members. The requestor shows the old names in the hierarchy view (left pane) and the new names in the selected items (right pane).

Later I used the security proc to change the nodes a user could access. When the user next accessed SSM, they still saw thier old access rights in the left pane. Recompiling and even deleting the PAS security proc failed to allow changes to be reflected in the left pane of the requestor.

The left pane also showed the hierarchy incorrectly. I gave a user had access to three members of the hierarchy. There was a parent and two children. The left pain of the requestor displayed only the two children, and displayed one as a parent of the other.

Finally when making these changes to security, in SSM Admin, the PAS Connections would suddennly fail. Even the Guest connection failed to reach PAS. It took several restarts of extended listener (and the listener) to clear these and allow SSM to reach the PAS cube.

This client is going live this week and so any help would be appreciated.