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May 03, 2010 at 09:30 PM

Can I create an Initiator based on Role name which is mapped to a main role


Hello All,

Please help me in finding a solution for this.

In our current environment, we have a bunch of main roles ( close to 150 of them) mapped to a few secondary roles. One of the requirement at our current client is that the workflow should reach an additional stage if any of the main roles are selected in the request form. My idea was to create a parallel flow based on the role name. I cannot use the main role name in my initiator since there are lots of them and I could not see any common characters to use * as wildcards. Instead, I used the secondary roles mapped to main roles. These are very low in number and has naming convention where I can user * as wildcard in the role name in Initiator. Now my issue is that according to CUP functionality the secondary roles mapped are not pulled into request form unless you submit the request and So the initiator is not triggered. Is there a way to trigger the initiator based on the mapped role?