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Former Member
May 03, 2010 at 05:29 PM

ODS Activation error


I have loaded an init into my CCA Actual ODS and when I try to activate it I get the following:


DataStore ZCC_O01 built incorrectly; cannot update request REQU_D7ZBJTHA1NVD9EQTV65C4DL2M(130,873)

Message no. RSM1147


Request REQU_D7ZBJTHA1NVD9EQTV65C4DL2M(130,873) cannot be updated because request 125,387 has still not been uploaded.


For this ODS, the INIT (130873) is the only requests in the ODS. All data was dropped before I did this INIT.

I also looked up the request in table RSREQICODS and I see a record for the request ID (130873) that is currently in the ODS (but not active) but I don't see any reference to the Request ID 125387 that the error message is telling me I need to upload.

Any ideas on where I can find this hung up Request ID that is causing my activation to error? Thanks