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May 03, 2010 at 03:31 PM

Bex Broadcasting Help!!!



I'm trying to scheule a report in BEX broadcaster with a predefined time. Eg: Every Wed day after Fisc quarter ends. I created a job with name TP_BROADCASTING_**** and included the ABAP program in step :RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT.

Now In the start condition I selected start date as wed day after fisc qtr close and put the period value as every 3 months and restriction in cal Id as factory calendar.

First one is : I logged in to Broadcaster and created new setting for query and filled all recipents When I tried to schedule , I can not see my Quarterly pre defined time here...I could see all other pre defined though... Do I need to include this job i created in Process chains ?

Second one:...How can I select just wed nesday after the fisc quarter close ? Is there a std SAP exit variable exist for this ? Or do I need to create one and write ABAP code in Exit ?

Please advice ...