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May 03, 2010 at 01:51 PM

3 Files generated in source directory (OS) when uploading files to DMS


Good afternoon everyone,

I have a strange problem with one of approx. 40 users uploading files to DMS (CV03N):

Everytime the upload is complete, SAP generates 3 files at the location the file is stored on the PC of the user.

These are the files: (sample, characters in filenames change from upload to upload):




I understand that those files are some kind of log or trace files for the upload.


1) Why do they not get stored in the sapworkdir of this user as the other user files do ?

2) Why does only this one user have this problem ?

3) And most important: How do I stop those files from being generated ?

In Customize Local layout --> Options --> Trace nothing is activated, I checked it twice !

I hope somebody can help. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Thomas (SAP Newbie)

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