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Nov 30, 2016 at 02:03 AM

Email recipients for collaborations in cFolders status management



we have a status profile in cFolders

I need to find out how does it determine recipient list for email notifications about status changes.

for example, when status changes from 'New' to 'Request Sent to Supplier' and when status changes from 'Request sent to supplier' to 'Request acknowledged by supplier' , I can see in SOST there are emails sent for these two status changes.

but I don't know how are the recipients determined for these emails.

I am reading this link, I have read it atlest 20 times -¤t_toc=/en/e4/dd18b285a9431b835a16e86e964cc7/plain.htm&node_id=748

Accordingly I have checked the authorization section of the subsequent status profile and also the 'write' authorization of the collaboration document itself

but I am not able to determine any logic

I have checked documents in the system and refered to the Status log and precisely at the date and times when the status changes have taken place, I have looked at SOST and got the recipient list and compared it with list of other status transitions

but I am not able to conclude anything

any inputs in this regards will be very helpful

thanks in advance.