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May 02, 2010 at 12:44 AM

E-Sourcing 7.0



We are looking into a project to install E-Sourcing as "on-premise" solution and integrate with ECC 6.0 in backend.

We have following questions:

1. E-Sourcing 5.1 is supported under mainstream maintenance until 2012. I understood from some other postings, that next planned on-premise release is E-Sourcing 7.0. When it's going to be available for "General Availability" ?

2. E-Sourcing 5.1 curently does not support IBM DB2 V9.5 or higher. Is E-Sourcing 7.0 will be supported on DB2 V9.5 (or even V9.7) ?

3. Which Netweaver J2EE server will be supported with E-Sourcing 7.0 ? Will it still be able to deploy using Netweaver J2EE 7.0 ? (btw: E-Sourcing 5.1 is suppirted by Netweaver 7.0 SPS13 or higher).

4. Will E-Sourcing 7.0 still be able to install on AIX server ?

5. Should we wait until E-Sourcing 7.0 is released to start with the project ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers !!