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Apr 30, 2010 at 02:43 PM

Changing Transport domain controler.



I'm supporting an old R/3 4.6 landscape that is being used only for historical and audit purposes (old company division servers). We currently still have the 3 systems landscape running and want to decommission the dev server from the landscape and run it only has a 2 system landscape. Since there are no more development being done, we thought we would take dev down. The problem is dev is the Transport Domain Controler and contains the trans directory.

How can I remove/delete the entire transport system configuration and then re-create it on a different server as a 2 system landscape. The goal is to remove dev server from being the domain controller, including the trans folder config.

Any suggestions???

I already tried transferring the domain Controller role over to the other server (backup controller), but once I shutdown dev I get errors because the trans directory is still referred as being on the dev server somewhere in the config.

I would like to delete everything and recreate the transport landscape on another server. Is that possible?