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Apr 30, 2010 at 01:56 PM

Restart item-based SC workflow - approver who changed removed


Dear forum members,

I have successfully implemented the SC item based workflow using the BADI and WS14500015 in SRM 5.0 SP16.

I have an issue with the restart which I think is unresolveable.

If the approval has 5 steps and the approver on the 3rd step changes the cart to trigger a restart, it goes back to the requisitioner and when accepted, the BADI logic adds in all the approval steps again. However, thhe 3rd apporval step (the one where the approver changed to force the restart) is not shown in the approval preview anymore, but the first 2 approvals are shown.

According to OSS 777133, I think the following text is trying to say this is standard, but I am not sure:

"If an approver of an automatic step triggers a restart, the

processed step will then no longer display the approver in the

history of the approval preview (this will happen at the latest,

when the requester has accepted the changes), provided that the

approver is no longer responsible for the shopping cart after the

change. The reason is that the BAdI does not return it anymore. The

requester only once receives a work item again in order to accept

the changes."

Can anyone confirm this? Is this something we can change so the step which forces the restart is shown in the approval preview after the restart has taken place?

Many thanks,

Best regards,