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Apr 30, 2010 at 01:34 PM

Posting time across company codes


I have a question around timesheets accross different company codes. My example is:

Company A wins the work with the external customer, who they will invoice and recognise the revenue for using RA. They are unable to complete the work so purchase the service of an employee within Company B. Normally this would mean raising a PO from Company A to Company B. The employee (who has a HR record within company B), then raises a Project & SO within company B and posts his time to it. He then invocies Company A.

It would be very easy just to then service receipt the PO in company A, and post the invocie from company B. However we want to be able to action this via timesheets. The only solution we can come up with is to have the employee in company B to also have an external HR record in company A. This will then allow him to also enter time in the Company A project, and using CATM create the SES on the PO.

However this means the employee is keying in 2 timesheet records. We can eliminate the records by the employee number range, but sometimes an entry could be missed.

So how do others cross book accross company codes with timesheets. Bear in mind Company A wants to recognise all the Revenue for their project, and company B will also want to see the time postings in their company code.

Any ideas?