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Apr 30, 2010 at 08:18 AM

PI 7.1 Transportation from XIDEV to XIPRD Issue!!


Hi Experts,

I'm facing problem about Transportation between XIDEV to XIPRD. I'm using Import/Export *.tpz file procedure.

First, I went to XIDEV(development) IR and export Software component version into file .tpz format. And then I go to XIPRD(production), Tools -> Import Design Object, and choose file that I exported from XIDEV. It gave me this error:

Import failed: Internal error during pvc call: nanos > 999999999 or < 0

I really have no idea about it, I try to search and search for information about this error, but I can't find one...

Also, I already setting SLD preparation for transport based on these following link:





Can anyone tell, what this error all about? I will very appreciate for your suggestion

Thanks in Advance,