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Apr 29, 2010 at 02:56 PM

How to initiate a workflow event from a webdynpro application


Hello Everyone,

I am working on an assignment for webdynpro, I am very new to this concept and haven't worked much on web Dynpro so far. The requirement is we are trying to a create a web dynpro application that will allow the user to post the invoice and following are the basic requiremnts/functionality.

1. In the first step the user will login to the portal and will enter the required details and then will have the option to SAVE the data (that will in the back end will do the data validation)..once the data is consistent the web dynpro should kickoff/trigger a workflow that will send a notification to the desired user (in our case the centeral user).

2. In the second step the centeral user will look at the data that he got along with the notification and will have the capability to either Post the data or to Reject the data, the post option will do an actual posting of invoice and the reject option will send a notification to the user who entered the data.

I am not able to understand how to kicoff/trigger the workflow event once the user hit SAVE button in the web dynpro application.

Your help is always appreciated.



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